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Last updated on 2017/12/05

Nebraska Middleweight Title

Charles Blaker1907/01/23<
Billed as Iowa and Nebraska champion in Beatrice, NE.
William Fugate1907/11/16Valentine, NE
Defeats Jack O'Leary; also recognized as Iowa champion; still champin as of 07/12/20.
George Gion1909/03/18<
LeRoy Billings also claims the Nebraska and South Dakota titles in Emmetsburg, NE as of 09/04/03.
Frank DuCray 1909/04/13 Broken Bow, NE
Charles Blecha 1909/07<
Gus Anderson 1909/07/05 Seneca, KS
Kansas champion, defeats Blecha in double title match (The Axtell Standard, Axtell, KS, 09/07/09).
Charles Blecha [2]1910/02/03<
Still/again champion as of 11/02/23 and 13/11/02; LeRoy Billings is billed as Northwest, Iowa, and Nebraska champion in Eldora, IA as of 10/05/05; Tom Gately also claims the title in 11/02; Johnny Holden is billed as champion in Norfolk, NE as of 11/03/01; Young Jordan is also billed as champion in Burlingame, KS as of 13/03/06.
Tommy Burns1916/04<
Billy Edwards1916/04/07Horton, KS
Also holds Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri titles; billed as Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma champion in St. Marys, KS as of 16/08/10; claims the titles of five states as of 17/01/12 (The Topeka Daily Capital, Topeka, KS).
Charles Miller 1920/04/15<
Billed as champion in Osage City, KS.
Cliff Mauphin1920/12/16<
Billed as champion in Wichita, KS.
Ray Zimmer1923/01/10<
Billed as champion in Spencer, IA.