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Last upadeted on 2017/06/10

Nebraska Light Heavyweight Title

Ben Pavelka1911/10/03<
Clarence Eklund1917/02/19<
Billy Edwards 1921/06/10<
Billed as champion in Albert Lea, MN.
Pat McGill1921/12/29<
Billy Edwards [2]1922/02/26<
Claims the title in Sabetha, KS.
Marion Mynster *1931/11/22<Omaha, NE
Billed as champion in Des Moines, IA for having "recently" won a tournament for the Nebraska title; however, Myster is also billed as world champion in Iowa around the same time.
Owen Daily and George Pesek, both claimants, wrestle to a draw on 39/07/13 in Kearney, NE.