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Last updated on 2016/05/07

North Dakota Heavyweight Title

William Peters 1902<
Fred West 1912/10<
William Hokuf 1912/10/28 Aberdeen, SD
George Turner 1913/01<
Recognized in Minnesota as the holder of North Dakota and South Dakota titles; may have defeated Hokof, who has wanted to wrestle Turner for the South Dakota Title since defeating Fred West for the North Dakota Title.
Jack Rose 1919/12/19<
Also holds South Dakota Title.
George Kastenko 1925/09/04<
Ernie Coopeman # 1937/12/14<
Billed as champion in Lincoln, NE.

Aldo Bogni 1960<
Tiny Mills1960<Fargo, ND
Aldo Bogni [2]1960/08/03Fargo, ND
Bob Geigel1960/11/23Fargo, ND

Dan Hanson 2010/06/21
Awarded by NWA Dakota Pro Wrestling.
Mercer Sage 2010/08/20 Dodge City, ND
Also holds South Dakota Title, having defeated Derrick Fury on 2010/06/27 in Madison, SD.
Derrick Fury 2010/10/29 Bismarck, ND
Wins both titles; DPW closes in 2011.