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Last updated on 2012/09/16

Southern Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Rat Pack: Jimmy Cicero & Brian Perry1994/11/17Raleigh, NC
Win tournament.
Dream Team: Billy Simmons & Sean Powers1995/03/25Durham, NC
Rat Pack [2] 1995/04/22Valdese, NC
Cowboys From Hell: Guido Falcone & Jimmie Torture1996/04/20Durham, NC
Defeat Perry & Sean Powers (subbing for Cicero).
Pat Anderson & C.W. Anderson1996/05/18Durham, NC
Defeat Torture & David Dawson (subbing for Guido Falcone).
Death & Destruction: Frank Parker & Roger Anderson1997/06/14Butner, NC
Defeat C.W. Anderson & David Dawson (subbing for retired Pat Anderson).
Northern Exposure: C.W. Anderson & Cueball Carmichael1997/11/22Louisburg, NC
Cueball Carmichael & Christian York2005/06/20
York replcaes Anderson who is kicked out of the Gamini Family in 98.
Pat Anderson & C.W. Anderson [2]1998/01/17Butner, NC
Club Security: Rumble & Rukkus1998/09/19Henderson, NC
Stripped on 99/02/20 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
Serial Thrillaz: Shane Helms & Mike Maverick1999/02/20Louisburg, NC
Defeat C.W. Anderson & Toad in tournament final.
Bo Dupp & Jack Dupp2005/06/21
Helms leaves the promotion and gives his half of the title to Otto Schwanz; Schwanz & Maverick eventually begin teaming as the Dupps; vacant in 10/99 when the Dupps jump to ECW.
Big Slam & King1999/10/28Raleigh, NC
Defeats Krash & Bryan Wayne in tournament final.
Big Slam & Dewey Cheatum2005/06/21
Big Slam chooses Dewey Cheatum as his tag team partner after King left the promotion.
Big Slam & King [2]2000/03/30Raleigh, NC
Big Slam fires Cheatum upon King's return to SCW.
Stratus & Aldo De Gama2000/07/21Raleigh, NC
Defeat Slam & Phenom (subbing for King) and Dewey Cheatum & Mervin Snead in a 3-way match.
Bo Dupp & Jack Dupp [2]2000/08/31Raleigh, NC
Vacant in 00/09 when the Dupps leave for WWE.
Stratus & Aldo De Gama [2]2000/09/28Raleigh, NC
Defeat Scab & Kross in tournament final.
Gargoyles: Wort & Duke Richards2000/11/30Raleigh, NC
Sex, Love, & Money: Brad Hunter & Sean Thomas2001/02/22Raleigh, NC
Psychos For Hire: Bam Bam & Crazyman2001/04/26Raleigh, NC
Stripped in 01/09 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
Anti-Social Society: Natrone Steele & Too Damn Badd2001/09/27Raleigh, NC
Defeat Scab and Dewey Cheatum in tournament final.
Sex, Love, & Money: Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander2002/01/31Raleigh, NC
This was a Three Way Dance also involving New Skool (Joey Matthewsand Christian York).
Anti-Social Society: Natrone Steele & Scab2002/03/28Raleigh, NC
Vacant in 02.
C.W. Anderson & Dewey Cheatum2002/08/29Raleigh, NC
Win a 3-way tournament final against Anti-Social Society: Natrone Steele & Scab and Sex, Love, & Money: Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander.
California Swat Team: Zack Lee & Ben Black2002/10/30Raleigh, NC
Vacant in 03.
Sex, Love, & Money: Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander [2]2003/07/12Burlington, NC
Defeat Trailer Park Heat & Seymour Snott.
Nerds!: Seymour Snott & Dexter Poindexter2004/11/07Butner, NC
Sex, Love, & Money [3]2004/11/20Durham, NC
Promotion closes on 04/11/20.