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Last updated on 2012/09/16

Southern Championship Wrestling
Junior Heavyweight Title

Chris Cannon1997/02/22Butner, NC
Defeats Preston Quinn in tournament final to become the first champion; stripped on 97/11/17 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
Joey Matthews1997/11/22Louisburg, NC
Defeats the Intruder.
Steve Corino1998/01/29Raleigh, NC
Vacant on 98/03/20 when Corino jumps to ECW.
Christian York [2]1998/03/26Raleigh, NC
Defeats Joey Matthews in tournament final.
Joey Matthews [2]1998/05/08Wendell, NC
Kid Dynamo1998/07/31Southern Pines, NC
Joey Matthews [3]1998/08/20Raleigh, NC
Christian York [3]1998/11/21Louisburg, NC
Scab1999/06/24Raleigh, NC
Tears1999/11/27Louisburg, NC
Stripped on 00/07/29 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
William Wealth2000/07/29Zebulon, NC
Defeats Jacey North; vacant on 00/09/28; title inctive.
Krazy K2004/11/20Durham, NC
Defeats Caprice Coleman; promotion closes on 04/11/20.

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