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Last updated on 2012/09/16

Southern Championship Wrestling
Brass Knuckles Title

Major DeBeers1995/05/19Clover, SC
Defeats Viper in tournament final to become the first champion.
Viper1996/06/15Durham, NC
Stripped on 97/06/14.
Beau James1997/09/11Raleigh, NC
Defeats Dave Blanchard and David Lee Gilbert in a 3-way match; stripped on 98/04/13 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
David Blanchard1998/02/25Butner, NC
Defeats Eddie Edmonds.
Major DeBeers [2]1998/12/12Butner, NC
Juice1999/03/12Durham, NC
Major DeBeers [3]1999/03/27Butner, NC
Natrone Steele1999/05/08Durham, NC
Uncle Tom Kettle1999/06/12Louisburg, NC
James Ivey2000/03/30Raleigh, NC
Stripped in 00/04 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
Uncle Tom Kettle [2]2000/04/22Butner, NC
Wins a battle royal against Rick Link, Loki, K Assassin, Saltwater Redneck, and Duke Richards.
Rick Link2000/07/21Raleigh, NC
Jesse Drive2000/11/30Raleigh, NC
Shah of Grog [2]2001/02/22Raleigh, NC
Pins Anthony Overdrive during a "New Jersey Drive" match in which the title can change hands multiple times within a 10 minute period.
Justin Drive2001/02/22Raleigh, NC
Pins the Shah of Grog during a "New Jersey Drive" match.
Jesse Drive [2]2002/02/22Raleigh, NC
Pins Justin during a "New Jersey Drive" match.
Wicked Walt Rabon2001/03/24Holly Springs, NC
Pins Drive during a "New Jersey Drive" match.
David Blanchard2001/03/31Butner, NC
Pins Rabon during a "New Jersey Drive" match.
Wicked Walt Rabon [2]2001/04/07Zebulon, NC
Justin Drive [2]2001/04/07Zebulon, NC
Justin and Jesse Drive begin defending as co-champions on the same day after a match between the two ends with a double pinfall.
Jesse Drive [3]2001/04/26Raleigh, NC
Defeats Justin to end the dispute.
Otto Schwanz2001/05/31Raleigh, NC
Q Sic2001/06/28Raleigh, NC
Chilly Willy2001/08/30Raleigh, NC
Wins during a tag team match; vacant in 01/10 when Willy joins the army.
Count Grog2001/10/25Raleigh, NC
Pins Justin Drive during a tag team match; vacates on 01/11/18 upon retirement.
Malaki2002/01/24Carrboro, NC
Wins a 4-way elimination match against Seymour Snott, Jesse Drive, and Justin Drive.
Dan Rage2002/06/27Raleigh, NC
Stripped on 99/06/24 after failing to appear for a scheduled defense.
Malaki [2]2003/01/04Butner, NC
Defeats Major DeBeers in tournament final.
Trailer Park Heat2003/07/12Burlington, NC
Promotion closes on 04/11/20.