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NWA Charlotte
Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title

Ivan Koloff09/01/24 Charlotte, NC
Defeats The Barbarian to become the first champion.
Baby Doll09/02/14Charlotte, NC
Awarded when Koloff is physically unable to defend the title.
Phil Shatter09/02/28Charlotte, NC
Defeats Larry Zbyszko, subbing for Baby Doll.
Jeff Lewis09/02/28Charlotte, NC
Purchaes the title from Phil Shatter.
Reid Flair09/04/11Charlotte, NC
Awarded after pinning Lewis in a 6-man tag team match.
Jeff Lewis [2]09/04/25Charlotte, NC
Returned by J.D. Costello due to Flair not being the legal man and the six man match not being for the title; promotion closes in 09/06.

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