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CWF Rising Generation League Title
(as of 2014/07/19)

Kamakazi Kid 2002/12/14 Burlington, NC
Defeats Brass Munkey in the the 2002 Rising Generation League tournament final.
Kirby Mack 2003/12/27 Burlington, NC
Defeats Kid in the 2003 Rising Generation League tournament final.
Kid Justice 2004/12/18 Burlington, NC
Defeats Jesse Ortega in the 2004 Rising Generation League tournament final.
Ultra Dragon 2005/12/17 Burlington, NC
Defeats El Toro Rojo in the 2005 Rising Generation League tournament final; has defeated Justice in earlier round.
Roy Wilkins 2006/12/30 Burlington, NC
Defeats Cecil Scott, Jerry Wayne, and Justin Flash in a 4-corner match when Dragon does not participate
Nick Richards 2007/12/16 Burlington, NC
Defeats Wilkins, Jerry Wayne, and El Mariachi in a 4-way match.
Chiva Kid 2008/12/21Burlington, NC
Defeats Richard in the 2008 Rising Generation League tournament final.
Matt Smith 2009/06/20Burlington, NC
Roo D. Lewis 2010/01/02 Burlington, NC
Defeats Trevor Lee in the 2009 Rising Generation League tournament final.
Trevor Lee 2010/03/19 Burlington, NC
Chase Dakota 2010/07/18 Burlington, NC
Vacant on 10/12/04 when Dakota loses in the semi-final of the Rising Generation League tournament.
Jason Miller 2010/12/18 Burlington, NC
Defeats Mecha Mercenary in the Rising Generation League tournament final; vacant on 11/11/05.
Joe Black 2011/12/17 Burlington, NC
Defeats Aric Andrews in tournament final.
Ben Tyler 2012/07/28 Burlington, NC
Chris Lea 2013/06/01 Gibsonville, NC
Chet Sterling 2013/12/28 Gibsonville, NC
Charlie Weston 2014/05/17 Gibsonville, NC

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