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Carolina Wrestling Entertainment
Tag Team Title

Dream Lovers2006/10/14Graham, NC
Win a tag team gauntlet match to become the first champions, last eliminating New Age Freebirds; Tre G steals the belts after the match between Dream Lovers and Unholy Empire ends as a no contest on 06/12/16; Tre G & Hangtime are billed as champions on the following(?) show in 07/02.
Blood Brothers: Tre G & Hangtime 2007/02/17<
United Nations of Devastation2007/06/16Burlington, NC
Broke Back Express2008/06/29Burlington, NC
Southside Playas2009/03/27Burlington, NC
Set: Jay Sinn & Lance Lube2009/06/27Greensboro, NC
Sean Denny & Zack Hilton2009/09/26Greensboro, NC

* See also NWA EDGE Tag Team Title.