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Carolina Wrestling Entertainment ( 2006 - 2009/09 )
NWA War Zone ( 2009/09 - 2012/08 )
NWA EDGE ( 2012/08 - 2013/06 )
Heavyweight Title

DJ P Roc2006/06/10Graham, NC
Wins a 4-way match against K.C. McKnight, Bounter Hunter, and Zane Dawson to become the first champion.
Scotty Matthews2007/10/14Graham, NC
Bounty Hunter/Willie Watts2007/05/20Burlington, NC
Kind Man2007/12/15Burlington, NC
KC McKnight2008/03/15Burlington, NC
Stripped in 09/02 for not being able to defend.
Damien Wayne2009/02/28Burlington, NC
Defeats Scotty Matthews in tournament final.
Phil Brown2009/06/27Greensboro, NC
Stripped due to a controversial way to win the title.
Brandon Day2009/09/26Greensboro, NC
Defeats Damien Wayne; renamed NWA War Zone Title in 09; renamed NWA EDGE Title in 12.
Bobby Austin2012/09/22Nashville, NC
Rhyze 2012/11/17 Nashville, NC
Vacates on 13/04/06 upon retirement due to medial reasons.
Scotty Matthews [2] 2013/04/06 Nashville, NC
Defeats Dwayne Allen, Kyndel Williams, and Sean Denny in an 8-man tournament 4-way final.

* Replaced with NWA Continental Heavyweight Title.