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American Independent Wrestling Federation
United States Heavyweight Title

Don Carson1994/09/24Pfafftown, NC
Defeats Robert Roma.
The Intimidator1994/10/22Winston-Salem, NC
Don Carson [2]1994/10/29N. Wilkesboro, NC
Robert Roma1994/11/12Mt. Airy, NC
Major Havoc1995/02<
Robert Roma [2]1995/05/06Yadkinville, NC
Bad Brad1995/07<
Robert Roma [3]1995/08<
Jumpin' Jimmy1995/08
Ricky Morton1995/08/26Mt. Airy, NC
Jumpin' Jimmy [2] 1996/02/17
Major Breakinridge1996/10<
Neil Leathers 1997
Brian Danzig1997/06<
Neil Leathers [2] 1997/08/09  
Brian Danzig [2] 1997  
Johnny Reb1998/01/03Elkin, NC
Steve Niles1998/03Elkin, NC
Brian Danzig [3]1998/03/28Bassett, VA
E.Z. Rider 1998/08/01Pfafftown, NC
Steve Niles [2] 1998/08/29Stuart, VA
Bodycount1998/12/19Bassett, VA
The Scorpion1999/03<
Sweet Daddy1999/05/29Elkin, NC
Creeping Death (David Piscura)1999/12/18Elkin, NC
Major Havoc [2]2005/04/26<
Brian Danzig [4] 2006<
Robert Stanley2006/12/09Wentworth, NC
Defeats Danzig and the Scorpion in 3-way match.
Sweet Daddy2007/08/11<
Stripped on 07/12/15 for two consecutive no-shows.
James Reno2007/12/15Mt. Airy, NC
Defeats Bumble Bee; stripped in 08/04.