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Allied Independent Wrestling Federations
Mid Atlantic Tag Team Title
(as of 2015/06/10)

This title is controlled by one of those independent promotions that does/did not post its match results consistently. Please do not expect for more detail/accuracy or frequent updates on this page. If you have additional information for this title, please send in!

Notorious: Matt Houston & Drake Tungsten2011/02<
Still championas of 11/03/12.
Rob McBride & Paco Loco2011/04<
Jimi Love & Louis Moore2011/08/10<
Boogie Woogie Menz: Rob McBride & Jimmy Valiant2011/08/13Mt. Airy, NC
Notorious [2]2011/10/22Lexington, NC
Still champion as of 12/03/11.
Star City Rollers: Jimmy Jannetty & Jody Osborne2012/09/01<
Team Throwdown: ASAP & Natural Born Playa2012/09/22Mt. Airy, NC
Star City Rollers [2]2012/12/15Mt. Airy, NC
Defeat Team Throwdown and Dysfunctional Disorder: Chuck King & Robbie Evil in 3-way match.
Team Fabulous2013/05/11Mt. Airy, NC
Star City Rollers [3]2013/07/20Mt. Airy, NC
Foxy Roxy & James Allen2013/12/14Mt. Airy, NC
Defeat Sgt. Stryker & Natural Born Playa.
Star City Rollers [4] 2014/07<  
Sometime after 14/05/16.
Shi & Dylan Cage 2014/07/19Mt. Airy, NC
Still champions as of 14/12/05
Vacant as of 15/04.
K&K Connection: Shane Kryzak & Christian Kobain2015/05/02Princeton, WV
Defeat Shawn Cruz & Jody Osborne.