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Last updated on 2016/07/30

Montana State Heavyweight Title

Jack Taylor 1925/08/17 Livingston, MT
Defeats Jake Amend; again defeats Amend on 25/08/31 in Livingston, MT.
Gust Karras 1927/06/23<
Ray Higgins 1934/09/23<
Still champion as of 35/02/19.
Frank Little 1935/08/10<
Billy Root 1938/03/14<
Still champion as of 38/05/10.
Albert Mills (Al Mills) 1946/10/01Helena, MT
Defeats Al Galento in tournament final.
Ron Etchison1948/01/31Helena, MT
Jim Wright1948/06/02Great Falls, MT
Lou Newman1948/07/14Great Falls, MT
Albert Mills [3] 1949/01<  
Rube Wright1949/02/02Great Falls, MT
Pat McGill1949/02/16Great Falls, MT
Title held up after a match against Sockeye McDonald on 49/03/19 in Helena, MT.
Pat McGill [2] 1949/03/25 Helena, MT
Albert Mills also claims the title ardound this time.
Pat McGill [3] 1956/05/01 Billings, MT
Wins a tournament.