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NWA Southern Tag Team Title

Southern Sensations: Lance Jade & Blade Boudreaux 99/09/10 Cleveland, MS
Defeat New South: Ashley Hudson & Cory Williams in tournament final to become the first champions.
Fly Boyz: Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly 99/10/23 Greenville, MS
Bar-None: V-man & Sniper 00/02/20 Jackson, MS
New Texas Outlaws: Austin Rhodes & Ricky Murdoch 00/06/17 Greenwood, MS
Maniacal Crew: Brother Love & Joey Venture 00/10/15 Nashville, TN
Brother Love & Brickhouse Brown 02/04/11 Cleveland, MS
Defeat Porkchop Cash & John Saxon.
Max Pain & Cody Mantell 02/09/07 Magee, MS
Bob Serio & David Beriola 02/10/19 Greenville, MS
Vacant when the team splits up on 03/01/11 in Greenville, MS.
New Orleans Fight Club: John Saxon & Kevin Northcutt 03/03/08 Greenville, MS
Defeat Joey C & Rooftop in tournament final.
Brother Love & A.C. Brown 03/08/02 Magee, MS
Lord Humongous & Minotaur 03/08/30 Magee, MS
NWA Battle Zone president Billy D. McLain awards the titles to the New Confederates on 03/09/27 in Magee. MS; however, the title is declared held-up when the Battle Zone Arena owner Brother Love claims the titles can not change in such manner according to the rulebook.
New Orleans Fight Club [2] 03/09/27 Magee, MS
Defeat Lord Humongous & Minotaur.
Terry Bryant & Malek Avalon 04/04/30 Milton, FL
Blade Boudreaux & Denny Cooley 04/05/22 Greenville, MS
Naughty by Nature: Rude & Pokerface 05/02/05 Greenville, MS
Scott Storm & Scott Starr 05/09/10 Greenville, MS
Vacant in 06 due to Starr's injury.
S&S Express: Scott Storm & Steve Anthorny 06/02/04 Greenville, MS
Ricky Murdoch & Bill Hanson 06/07/08 Greenville, MS
Defeat Storm & Malek Avelon, subbing for Anthony; stripped for not defending the title over a year.
War Party: Profit & Lennox Lightfoot 08/05/30 Greenville, MS
Defeat Naughty by Nature: Rude & Pokerface.
Scott Storm & Tommy Gunn 08/08/30 Somerset, KY

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