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Last updated on 2017/05/05

World Junior Middleweight Title

Gus Kallio 1927/11/19<  
Vacates "voluntarily" on 29/01/26, as reported on Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS) next day.
Yaqui Joe 1929/05/10 Jackson, MS
Defeats Billy Romanoff in tournament final.
Joe Kopecky 1929/05/17 Jackson, MS
Dutch Mantell 1930/03/21 Jackson, MS
Gus Kallio [2] 1930/05/16 Jackson, MS
Joe Kopecky [2] 1930/05/23 Jackson, MS
Yaqui Joe # 1931/03/20 Jackson, MS
Wins a disputed decision.
Joe Kopecky # 1931/03/27 Jackson, MS
Defeats Joe in rematch; vacates in 31 when Kopecky moves up to the middleweight division.