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Mississippi Tag Team Title

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The Interns (Joe Turner & Bill Bowman)68
5-team tournament held on 71/05/31 in Laurel, MS (winners unknown); Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton vs Eddie Sullivan & Jack Morrell on 71/06/07.
Rip Tyler & Eduardo Perez71/09<
Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton71/09/16Hattiesburg, MS
Eddie Sullivan & Prince Pullings 71/11/15 Laurel, MS
Bob Kelly & Bobby Fields72/02/03<
Billy Red Lyons & Tom Jones72/03<
Bob Kelly & Bobby Fields [2]72/03
Rip Tyler & Don Fargo
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan72/12<
Fargo quits promotion and replaced by Sullivan.
Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton [2]73/03<

* See also NWA Battlezone Mississippi Tag Team Title.

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