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Last updated on 2016/08/11

International Championship Wrestling
United States Heavyweight Title

Lou Thesz1978/04/12<
Nikita Alexeev1978/06/21Jackson, MS
Still champion as of 78/07/05.
Tom Shaft1978/09/03<
Mongolian #11978/09/20Jackson, MS
Held up after a match against Pork Chop Cash on 78/11/01 in Jackson, MS.
Pork Chop Cash1978/11/08Jackson, MS
Wins rematch.
Mongolian #1 [2]1979/01/24Jackson, MS
Mr. Fuji (Yasu Fujii?) 1979/06/20 Jackson, MS
Teams with Oki Shikina & Izzy Slapawitz to defeat Mongolians & Percy Pringle with United States Heavyweight and Southern Tag Team Titles on the line; still champion as of 79/07/05.