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Last updated on 2017/11/27

International Championship Wrestling
Mississippi State Heavyweight Title

Terry Gordy 1978/01/14 Greenwood, MS
Defeats Bill Ash in tournament final to be recognized by ICW.
Doctor X (Jim Osborne) 1978/05/26Greenwood, MS
Porkchop Cash 1978/10/04?Jackson, MS?
Terry Gordy [2] 1978/11/22 Jackson, MS
Oki Shikina (Zapata Martinez) 1978/12/08 Greenwood, MS
Pat O'Brien 1979/01/17? Jackson, MS?
Held up after a match against Mr. Fuji on 79/03/07 in Jackson, MS.
Mr. Fuji (Yasu Fujii?) 1979/03/21 Jackson, MS
Tom Shaft 1979/05/18? Greenwood, MS?
Held up after a match against The Spoiler on 79/06/20 in Jackson, MS.
King Cobra * 1979/08<  
Promotion merged with the MSWA in 79/08; MSWA Mississippi champion Mike George wrestles Cobra on 79/08/18 in Jackson, MS in what may be a unification match to "determine" the state champion (George most likely wins as he continues to be recognized as champion).

* See MSWA Mississippi Heavyweight Title.