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NWA Mississippi Junior Heavyweight Title

[NWA Battlezone]

Brother Love2000/03/18Cleveland, MS
Defeats J. D. McKay in a ladder match to become first champion.
Wesley Jenkins2000/08/18Greenville, MS
Koonta the Ugandan Warrior2000/10/07Greenville, MS
Joey Venture2001/06/08Greenville, MS
Awarded when Koonta is stripped for non-appearance; stripped for for non-defenses.
Atomic Kid2002/07/20Magee, MS
Defeats Night Rider and Void in 3-way match.
Night Rider2002/08/10Magee, MS
Brother Love2002/09/07Magee, MS
A.C. Brown2002/10/12Magee, MS
Rooftop2003/05/31Yazoo City, MS
Psycho2003/09/20Magee, MS
Armageddon2003/11/01Magee, MS
Psycho [2]2003/11/15Magee, MS
Brother Love [3]2004/03/20Magee, MS
Psycho [3]2004/09/04Magee, MS
Vacant due to career ending illness.
Tim Williamson2005/10/16Magee, MS
Wins tournament.
Rondale Roosevelt2005/12/11Magee, MS
The Faroh of Phunk [2]2005/02/05Magee, MS
Rick Morgan2005/04/16Magee, MS
Psycho [4]2005/05/28Magee, MS
Porkchop Cash2005/01/21Magee, MS
Brother Love2006/02/11Magee, MS
Nick Wonder2006/06/07Magee, MS
Vacate in 06.
Silent Death2007/06/16Magee, MS
Psycho [5]2008/02/15<
DeWayne Dalton/Bryan Rival2008/03/29Magee, MS
Wins title as Dalton and later billed as Rival.
Tim Williamson [2]2008/06/21Magee, MS
Psycho [6] 2009/04/25 Magee, MS
Defeats Atomic Kid.
Bryan Rival 2010/12<
Damien Storm 2010/12/04 Magee, MS
Psycho [7] 2011/03/12 Magee, MS
Eric Black 2011/04/16 Magee, MS
Aaron Hart 2011/06/11 Magee, MS
Defeats Black, Justin Overstreet, and Jeremy Awesome in a 4-way match; vacant in 11/08.
Faroh of Phunk 2011/09/03 Magee, MS
Wins tournament but vacates the title since he already holds the Heavyweight Title.
Frankie Williamson 2011/09/10 Magee, MS
Defeats Jeremy Awesome.
Jeremy Awesome 2011/12/11<
Eric Black [2] 2012/01/14<
Still champion as of 12/01/17.
Steve O'Malley 2012/03/18<
Sean O'Reily 2012/04/22<
Steve O'Malley [2] 2012/05/24<
Daimen Storm [2] 2012/05/27 Magee, MS
Chris Black 2012/08/25<
Battlezone leaves NWA in 12/09.