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NWA Affliction Heavyweight Title

Deven Spade 2013/10/27 Cahokia, IL
Defeats Jimmy D. to become the first champion; vacates on 13/12/24 due to injury.
Evan Morris 2014/01/11 St. Robert, MO
Defeats Dave Deloreon.
Mitch Johnson 2014/05/17 St. Robert, MO
The Mad Hatter 2014/06/21 Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Vacant in 15.
Shane Somers 2015/06/13 Newburg, MO
Wins battle royal; vacant in 15.
Jacob Mercury 2015/10/03 St. James, MO
Wins 6-man battle royal; vacates on 16/07/13.
Jay Howard 2016/07/16 Lebanon, MO
Defeats Mephisto after the two become finalists in a 7-man battle royal; also wins Missouri Title on 16/10/29.

* See NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title.