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Last updated: 2014/06/27

Steel Domain Wrestling
Television Title

C.M. Punk2001/04/28W. St. Paul, MN
Defeats Ace Steel; replaces SDW Cruiserweight Title.
Colt Cabana2001/12/29W. St. Paul, MN
Magnus Maximus2001/12/29W. St. Paul, MN
Cabana sells the title to manager Mortimer Plumtree, who gives it to Maximus.
Horace The Psychopath2001/12/29W. St. Paul, MN
Adrian Lynch2002/04/27W. St. Paul, MN
Scotty Zappa *2002
Adrian Lynch *2002/05/11W. St. Paul, MN
Defeats Zappa by default.
Mitch Paradise2002/09/14Red Wing, MN
Tracy Smothers2002/11/23W. St. Paul, MN
Vacant on 03/04/26 when Smother no-shows the defense.
Matt Burns2003/04/26W. St. Paul, MN
Defeats Bill Irwin; vacant in 03/05.
Johnny Parks2003/05/31W. St. Paul, MN
Defeats Ken Anderson.
Gage Octane2003/09/26Savage, MN
Pretty Boy Delgado2004/03/21Maple Grove, MN
Tony DeNucci2004/06
Promotion becomes inactive on 04/12/31.