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Pre-2013 information last updated on 2014/06/27

SPCW Northern States Heavyweight Title ( 1998/01 - 2001/01 )
SDW Heavyweight Title ( 2001/01 - 2010/05 )
SDW Northern States Heavyweight Title ( 2013/07 - 2016 )
SDW Heavyweight Title ( 2016 -   )
(as of 2018/01/31)

Jonnie Stewart1998/01/11W. St. Paul, MN
Defeats Jim Brunzell to become the first St. Paul Championship Wrestling champion.
Derrick Dukes1998/07/04Hudson, WI
Danny Dominion1998
Derrick Dukes [2]1998/08/28Montgomery, MN
Danny Dominion [2]1999/10<
Adam Pierce1999/10/16W. St. Paul, MN
Hellraiser Gutts defeats Pearce on 00/02/26 in W. St. Paul, MN but but the match is later declared non-title.
Rikki Noga2000/04/29W. St. Paul, MN
Danny Dominion [3]2001/09/22W. St. Paul, MN
Renamed Steel Domain Wrestling Heavyweight Title in 01/01; vacant in 01/12 when Dominion does not wrestle for the promotion.
Scotty Zappa2001/12/15W. St. Paul, MN
Defeats Horace the Psychopath.
Magnus Maximus2002/02/16W. St. Paul, MN
Matt Burns2002/05/11W. St. Paul, MN
Magnus Maximus [2]2002/06/08W. St. Paul, MN
Lenny Lane2002/08/25W. St. Paul, MN
Adrian Lynch2002/12/28W. St. Paul, MN
Mitch Paradise2003/04/26W. St. Paul, MN
Daryck St. Holmes2003/07/18Savage, MN
Mitch Paradise [2]2003/08/01Savage, MN
Daryck St. Holmes [2]2003/08/15Savage, MN
Mitch Paradise [3]2004/02/21Maple Grove, MN
Or 04/02/24.
Adrian Lynch [2]2004/06/10Maple Grove, MN
Promotion becomes inactive on 04/12/31.
Bam Neely (Magnus Maximus) [3]2010/05/10Lakeville, MN
Defeats Adam Pearce; promotion again inactive.
Danny Duggan 2013/07/20 Hopkins, MN
Defeats Mitch Paradise.
Ryan Slade 2014/12/13Richfield, MN
Danny Duggan [2] 2015/05/02 Richfield, MN
Ryan Slade [2] 2015/07/18 Hopkins, MN
Mitch Paradise [4] 2016/02/20 Richfield, MN
Vacant in 16/09 due to injury.
Danny Duggan [3] 2016/09/16 Crystal, MN
Defeats Ace Steel.
Aaron Corbin 2016/10/22 Richfield, MN
Mitch Paradise [5] 2017/08/12 Lonsdale, MN