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Pro Wrestling America
Light Heavyweight Title

Steve Regal85/01/15
Reigning AWA World champion, recognized as champion by PWA; vacant in 86/02<.
Tommy Ferrara86/03/06Coon Rapids, MN
Vacant in 89/06.
Johnny Love89/06/24Minneapolis, MN
Defeats Anthony Wright.
Jerry Lynn90/01/24Red Wing, MN
Matt Derringer90/03/16Hastings, MN
Lightning Kid90/04/12Fridley, MN
Matt Derringer [2]90/05/06Barron, WI
Tommy Ferrara [2]90/05/14Fridley, MN
Vacant when Ferrara separates shoulder.
Jerry Lynn [2]91/01/14Fridley, MN
Defeats Lightning Kid.
Lightning Kid [2]91/04/08Fridley, MN
Ricky Rice91/12/22Minneapolis, MN
Vacant in 91/12.
Jerry Lynn [3]91/12/27Dallas, TX
Defeats Lightning Kid.

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