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Pro Wrestling America
Heavyweight Title

Mad Dog Vachon85/01/15Anoka, MN
Defeats Steve Regal to become first champion.
Ricky Rice86/03/17Omaha, NE
Larry Cameron87/09/12Fridley, MN
Ricky Rice [2]89/07/08Yellowknife, NT *
Charlie Norris89/11/16Fridley, MN
Ricky Rice [3]90/05/14Fridley, MN
Jerry Lynn90/08/12Fridley, MN
Ricky Rice [4]90/09/22St. Charles, IL
Terminator Rigs91/01/14Fridley, MN
Charlie Norris [2]91/02/07Minneapolis, MN
Terminator Rigs [2]91/02/11Fridley, MN
Charlie Norris [3]91/05/11Shakopee, MN
Defeats Golden Idol when Rigs no-shows.
Teijo Khan91/10/14Fridley, MN
Charlie Norris [4]91/12/22
Punisher Sledge92/02/17Fridley, MN
Charlie Norris [5]92/04/26Minneapolis, MN
The Hater92/10/20Minneapolis, MN
Tommy Ferrera93/05/10Fridley, MN
The Hater [2]93/06/12Albertville, MN
Wellington Wilkens Jr.96/08/25Sendai, JPN
Mitch Paradise 03/06/28<  
Asylum 08/06/28 S. St. Paul, MN

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