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Last updated on 2017/06/12

World Welterweight Title
[Minnesota & the Dakotas]

Young Miller (Walter Miller) 1908/06/06<
Claims the title for defeating Max Luttbeg; recognized in Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio.
Ed Adamson 1910/01/25 St. Paul, MN
Walter Miller [2] 1910/03/03 St. Paul, MN
Also defeats another claimant Otto Suter on 12/11/19 in Duluth, MN; wins the Middleweight Title in 16/04; no longer billed as the Welterweight Champion after 17.

Adam Weissmuller1919/11/17<
Billed as champion in Bismarck, ND.

Johnny Meyers1920/02/26<
Billed as champion in Sioux Falls, SD; still/again billed as champion in Minneapolis, MN as of 23/12/21.

Gus Kallio 1923/01/24< 
Recognized in Minneapolis, MN; claims the title until 27/01; moves up to the junior middleweight division.