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Last updated on 2017/06/12

World Light Heavyweight Title
[Minnesota & the Dakotas]

Fred Beell 1908/12/02<  
Also billed as American champion.
Theodore Peter 1913/02/10 St. Paul, MN
Defeats Beell for the American Title; recognized as world champion after defeating Henry Irslinger, billed as European champion, on 13/12/03 in Minneapolis, MN.
Fred Beell [2] 1913/12/10 Minneapolis, MN

Jim Londos 1917/02/21<  
Billed as champion in Sioux Falls, SD and later in other territories.

Helmer Myre 1921/06/03 Huron, SD
Defeats George Gion, billed as Canadian champion, and claims the World Title; Earl Caddock, who has defeated Jim Londos for the title on 21/02/14 in New York, NY, is also recognized in Minneapolis, MN as of 22/02/27.
Clarence Eklund 1922/04/04 Albert Lea, MN
Helmer Myre [2] 1922/04/28 Abert Lea, MN
Former champion as of 24/06/29 (Start Tribune, Minneapolis, MN, 24/06/29).

Bob Miller 1933 *  
Billed as having defeated Tom Ray for the title in the Pacific coast (St. Cloud Times, St. Cloud, MN, 39/09/06); also billed as Pacific Coast and West Coast champion; no longer billed as world champion, most likely after losing to Sam Evans on 39/09/21 in St. Cloud, MN; Doc R. Frederick also claims the title in the area as of 36/08/21.