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Last updated on 2017/10/22

Northwest Welterweight Title

Jack O'Leary1907/11/14<
Billed as champion in Norfolk, NE.

Ollie Courtemarche 1907 Minneapolis, MN
Defeats Gene Cole (Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN, 35/06/23).
Young Miller 1908/10/27<
Still champion as of 09/02/17.

Henry Lindsley 1911/01/29<
Billed as champion in Eau Claire, WI; still champion as of 12/01/28; also billed as Wisconsin champion.

William Beauregard 1921/02/21<
Billed as champion in Minneapolis, MN.
Matt McCurdy 1921/03/26<
Probably defeats Beauregard on 21/02/01 in Two Harbors, MN; still champion as of 21/12/30.

Frank Backley1931/01/31<
Claims the title in Aberdeen, SD.