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Last updated on 2017/09/21

Northwest Middleweight Title

Fred Beell1899/04/14<
Billed as champion in Milewaukee, WI; still/again champion as of 1903/08/26.

Reinhold Schott1899/09/01Rockford, IL
Defeats William Allen (or defends the title).

William Peters 1901/02/26<
Claims the title in Minneapolis, MN.
Frank Whittemore 1905/10<
Theodore C. Peter 1905/11/03 St. Paul, MN
Steve Koen 1905/12<  
Puts the title on the match against Tommy Russell on 05/12/26 in St. Paul, MN (winner unknown).
Martin Johnson # 1909/08/27 Aberdeen, SD
Defeats Dan Mason but reveals he has gained weight and become a heavyweight entering the match; billed as Minnesota champion on next day.
Tommy Russell 1910/03<
Voluntarily vacates the title in 10/03 for a tournament.
Joe Carr 1910/03/25 Minneapolis, MN
Defeats Charles Carlson in tournament final; has alrady been recognized as champion in Aberdeen, SD as of 10/03/19; John Albrecht also claims the title as of 10/09/14; Carr is still champion as of 11/04/02, 14/11/06, and 17/02/12; also claims the World Title at least between 14/03/09 and 16/07/07.
Charles Miller 1913/07/02<
Claims the title in Aberdeen, SD.
Dan Larkin 1919/10/05<
Billed as champion in Minneapolis, MN.
Jack Hackensack 1921/11/05<
Claims the title in Sioux Falls, SD.
Bull Olson 1924/10/11<
Billed as champion in Minneapolis, MN.

LeRoy Billings1910/05/05<
Billed as Northwest, Iowa, and Nebraska champion in Eldora, IA.

Jack Milo 1921/12/24<  
Billed as champion in Milwaukee, WI.
Jack Downs 1925/02/05<  
Billed as champion in Eau Claire, WI.

Frank Bauer1937/04/13Armstrong, IA
Defeats Dolph Haavisto in tournament final.