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Last updated on 2017/06/02

Southern Junior Heavyweight Title
[Oklahoma & Louisiana & Arkansas]

Joe Gunther 1938/12/08 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Art O'Mahoney in the finals of a tournament which has started in 38/04 to become the first champion and is presented the belt by NWA president Col. Harry Landry; also recognized at least in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.
Carlos Rodriguez 1939/07/27 New Orleans, LA
May be repeated on 39/08/07 in Birmingham, AL.
Freddie Knichel 1939/11/30 New Orleans, LA
Vacant on 39/12/07 when Knichel cannot wrestle or no-shows.
Larry Tillman 1939/12/07 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Joe Gunther; former champion as of 40/05/28.
Art O'Mahoney * 1940/02/15 New Orleans, LA
May be a non-title match; Tillman listed as a former champion 40/05/28.

Jack Curtis 1949/10/23<  
Billed as champion in Little Rock, AR; still champion as of 50/01/10; wins World Title, defeating Jack McDonald on 50/02/24 in New Orleans, LA.
Charlie Laye 1951/08/26<  
Billed as champion in Little Rock, AR; still champion as of 51/10/09.
Jim Siksay 1952/09/22<  
Charlie Laye [2] 1952/09/25 New Orleans, LA
Siksay is still billed as champion in Alexandria, LA as of 52/10/14.
Danny Dusek 1953/02/02<  
Billed as champion in Alexandria, LA.
Don McIntosh 1953/07/14<  
Billed as champion in Baton Rouge, LA.
Rex Mobley 1953/11/11<  
Billed as champion in New Orleans, LA.
Red McIntyer1958/02/25< 
Bobby Fields 1963/08/11<  
Billed as champion in Hot Springs, AR.
Chin Lee 1965/09<  
Listed as former champion on a Baton Rouge, LA newspaper on 65/09/28.
Bob Boyer 1972/04/02<  
Tarzan Baxter 1973/05/13  
Billed as champion in Little Rock, AR.