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Last updated on 2017/02/11

NWA East Texas State Heavyweight Title

Bobby Hart 1967/11/23 Longview, TX
Chuck Karbo defeats Hart in tournament final but is disqualified for attacking Hart after the match, with Hart being awarded the match and the title.
Chuck Karbo 1967/11/30 Longview, TX
Defeats Hart in rematch.
Krusher Karlsson 1968/02/08 Longview, TX
Chuck Karbo [2] 1968/02/29 Longview, TX
Karl Von Stroheim 1968/05/02 Longview, TX
Lorenzo Parente 1968/09/19 Longview, TX
Tarzan Baxter 1969/04/10 Longview, TX
Chuck Karbo [3] 1969/08/14 Longview, TX
Scandor Akbar 1969/09/11 Longview, TX
Jack Donovan 1969/12/11 Longview, TX
Chin Lee 1969/12/18 Longview, TX
Vacant in 70/03 for failure to defend the title within six weeks.
Ox Baker 1970/04/02 Longview, TX
Wins tournament; ordered to forfeit the title in 70/07 for failure to defend it.
Jerry Miller 1970/07/30 Longview, TX
Wins tournament.
Chief War Eagle 1970/12/17 Longview, TX
Chuck Karbo [4] 1971/01/19 Longview, TX
Antonio Rocca 1971/06/10 Longview, TX
Not Antonino Rocca; still champion as of 71/07/06.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling (facebook page).