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Last updated on 2014/08/15

Mississippi Heavyweight Title

National Wrestling Alliance [Tulsa office] ( 1970 - 1979/08 )
Mid-South Wrestling Association ( 1979/08 - 1983 )

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Jack Curtis Jr. 1970/05/12<
Waldo Von Erich 1970/09/09 Greenville, MS
Jerry Stubbs 1978/11/06 Jackson, MS
Defeats Ernie Ladd in tournament final to be recognized by NWA.
Mike George 1979/05/05 New Orleans, LA
Title moves to MSWA in 79/08.
Mike Sharpe 1979/09/19 Jackson, MS
Mike George [2] 1979
Mike Sharpe [2] 1980/01/17 Greenville, MS
Bull Ramos 1980/03/26 Jackson, MS
Junkyard Dog 1980/04/09 Jackson, MS
Vacant in 80 when JYD injured by Freebirds.
The Grappler 1980
Wins tournament.
Killer Karl Kox1980/11/29Shreveport, LA
The Grappler [2]1981/01/31Greenwood, MS
Don Diamond1981Shreveport, LA
Bob Orton Jr.1981/08/06Greenville, MS
Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) [2]1982/01/20Shreveport, LA
Killer Khan1982/08/27Shreveport, LA
Mr. Olympia [3] 1982/09/26 Jackson, MS
Mr. Wrestling II 1982/11/27 Jackson, MS
Title retired in 83/08.

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