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Last updated on 2017/01/31

Southern Heavyweight Title
[Southeastern U.S.]

Tom Tompkins 1916<  
Bob Vogler 1916/05<  
Recognized in North Carolina; still champion as of 16/06/28.
John Drake 1916/09/04<  
Billed as champion in Asheville, NC.
Fritz Hansen 1917/11/03<  
Billed as champion in Asheville, NC; still/again champion in Wilimington, NC as of 22/03/24.
Frank McLaughlin 1923/04/07<  
Recognized in Danville, VA.
Tony Bernardi 1924/06<  
Billed as champion in Kingston, TN; said to have held the title for years.
Bull Martin 1930/09/30<  
Recognized in the Carolinas; still champion as of 31/01/15
Dick Lever 1931/05/10<  
Recognized in West Virginia (most likely other states as well); still champion in West Virginia as of 31/06/28 and Kansas as of 32/02/28.
Jack Ross 1932/07/19<  
Recognized in the southeastern states including West Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina; also holds the lightweight title (or these two may be the same title).
Jim Achlin 1933/02/22 Columbia, SC
Reported on a Kingston, TN paper on 33/02/24 as having defeated Ross "Wednesday night".
Jack Ross [2] 1933/05/02? Augusta, GA?
May be for the lightweight title (or these two may be the same title); also recognized as the heavyweight champion in Florida as of 36/01/21; continues to have multiple reigns in Georgia throughout the 30s.
Rube Wright 1936/05/17<  
Claims the title in Bluefield, WV.
Dick Powell 1936/10/26<  
Defends against Alan Eustace in Columbia, SC on 36/10/27; still champion as of 36/11/02; vacates "several weeks" before 37/11/14, probably due to ankle injury suffered during a match in Columbia, SC sometime before 37/04/13.
Cowboy Luttrall 1938/03<  
Sometime after 37/11/14; possibly by defeating Dick Powell in Bluefield, WV in 37/12 for vacant title.
Legs Langevine 1938/03/22 Columbia, SC

* See NWA Southern Heavyweight Title.