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South Atlantic Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Nasty Boys: Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags1990/07
American Bulldogs: Rex & Spike1990/09/11Columbia, SC
Fantastics: Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton1990/12/29Greenville, SC
American Bulldogs [2]1991/01
Returned to the Pitbulldogs because they do not receive a return match within 15 days.
Fantastics [2]1991/02/22Belford, SC
Stormtroopers: Helmut Hessler & Hans Schmidt1991/08/31Pemrboke, NC
Awarded when the Fantastics miss the scheduled title defense.
Tommy Angel & Tommy Seabolt1991/10/13Lincolnton, NC
Vacant in 92.
Chaz Rocco & Tommy Gunn1992/04/17Rocky Mount, NC
Defeat the Ringlords: Speedy Gonzales & Rick Slagle.
Ringlords: Speedy Gonzales & Rick Slagle1992/04/18Darlington, SC
Chaz Rocco & Rob Van Dam1992/07/23Lake City, SC
Ringlords [2]1992/07/24Bennettsville, SC
Promotion closes in 92/08.