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NWA Mid-Atlantic Junior Heavyweight Title

Rikki Nelson99/11/20Sumter, SC
Awarded after a controversial finish to a triangle match against Gary Royal and Mike Youngblood.
Gary Royal00/03/17Washington, NC
Rikki Nelson [2] 00/03/18 Mayodan, NC
Stripped on 02/12/05 for not defending for 60 days.
Gary Royal 02/12/07 Asheville, NC
Defeats Johnny Blaze; still champion as of 03/11/03.
Chris Hamrick 03/12<
Rikki Nelson [3]04/01/03 Guangzhou, CHN
Vacant after Nelson wins the Heavyweight Title.
Chase Owens 11/02/26 Cheraw, SC
Defeats Sigmon.
Sigmon 11/11/12<  
Sometime after 11/08/13.
Chase Owens [2] 12/01/28 S. Boston, VA
Sigmon [2] 12/04/21 Boone, NC
MACW leaves the NWA in 12.

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