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NWA of Michigan Cruiserweight Title ( 1998/12 - 2000 )
NWA of Michigan Junior Heavyweight Title ( 2000 - 2000/10/14 )
NWA Great Lakes Junior Heavyweight Title ( 2000/10/14 - 2002/10 )

The DBA98/12/27
Nate Matteson/Amazing N8 99/04/22Carleton, MI
Renamed Michigan Junior Heavyweight Title in 2000; defeats Ricco Rodriguez on 00/07/01 in Cass City, MI to unify Tri-State Championship Wrestling title.
Ricco Rodriguez00/09/30Burton, MI
Renamed NWA Great Lakes Junior Heavyweight Title on 00/10/14.
Amazing N8 [2]00/10/15Nashville, TN
Chris Sabin01/06/02Hamburg, MI
Amazing N8 [3]01/06/30Cass City, MI
Tommy Wonder01/09/22Sterling Heights, MI
Defeats Chris Cabin and Rico Rodriguez; stripped in 02 for not defending the title.
Max Damin02/07/06Flint, MI
Defeats Dave Caliber; promotion closes in 02/10.

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