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Last updated on 2017/08/27

World Light Heavyweight Title

Charles Olson 1909/01/04 Chicago, IL
Defeats Fred Beell for the title; recognized as champion in Michigan as of 10/11/03; still recognized as of 11/03/14.

Jack Forbes # 1924 Detroit, MI
Defeats Steve Graft (Ottawa Citizen, 53/04/04).

Hugh Nichols 1931/10/22<  
NWA champion; still recognized in Michigan as of 33/12/14; no longer recognized as of 34/06 with what is billed as "National Wrestling Association" tournament taking place in Detroit, MI.
Charlie Fischer1934/12/31Detroit, MI
Defeats George Dussette in tournament final; initially billed as "National Wrestling Association" tournament between 34/06 and 34/11, but NWA is no longer mentioned in 32/12.
Walter Roxy1935/11/04Detroit, MI
Great Mephisto1936/01/20Detroit, MI
George Dussette1936/01/27Detroit, MI
Billy Weidner1936/07/06Detroit, MI
Maurice LaChappelle1937/08/30Detroit, MI
Billy Weidner [2]1937/12/13Detroit, MI
The Mystery Man (Leo Wallick)1938/06/27Detroit, MI
Unmasked later in the year.
Frankie Talaber1938/12/19Detroit, MI
Leo Wallick [2]1939/04/24Detroit, MI
Great Mephisto [2]1939/05/29Detroit, MI
George Dusette [2]1939/07/17Detroit, MI
Awarded the World Junior Heavyweight Title as the first champion by the Midwestern Wrestling Association "at its fall meeting at Columbus", according to Detroit Free Press on 39/09/09.

* Replaced with the World Junior Heavyweight Title.