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Last updated on 2017/02/04

Michigan Welterweight Title

Clarence Meade # 1904/02/10<
Billed as champion in Tiffin, OH.
Jack Anderson1904/03/26<
Floyd Cutcher1907/05/10Detroit, MI
Defeats Joe Burns (or defends against him on this day).
Ed Shelp1908/03/13Flint, MI
Nick Collins #1908/05/06<
Billed as champion in Indianapolis, IN.
Clyde North1912/09/03<
Clyde Bleakley1913/01/24<
Ivy Cutcher 1915/08/06 Detroit, MI
Wins by default when Stefan Graf is injured and cannot wrestle in the scheduled match.
Gene Lawrence1917/02/07<
Frank Burns 1919/02/28Detroit, MI
Still champion as of 19/07/15.
Adam Weissmuller1929/11/20<
Art Perkins
Leo Donoghue1932/05/17<
Also holds Michigan Middleweight Title as of 36/12/14.