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Last updated on 2017/10/14

Michigan Middleweight Title

George Baptiste1891/03/20Detroit, MI
Defeats "all comers".
Tom McMahon1895/04/16Grand Rapids, MI
Defeats Mike Dwyer.
George Baptiste [2] 1899/01/23<
Floyd Cutcher1904/04/21<
Ed Shelp1905/02/16<
Floyd Cutcher [2]1906/04<
Ed Shelp [2]1906/04/13Hastings, MI
Floyd Cutcher [3]1909/03<
George Potter1909/12/20<
Defeats Cutcher sometime after 09/03/30 ("last winter" according to Detroit Free Press on 09/12/20).
Frank Burns1910/01/15Saranac, MI
Still champion as of 10/03/13.
Wilfred Barrett1915/03/15<
Defeats Charley Kaiser and claims the title.
Ben Stefanski1917/04/20Wyandotte, MI
Frank Burns [2] 1919/07/20<  
Claims the title in Battle Creek, MI.
Ben Stefanski [2] 1919/08/31<  
Still/again 24/12/05; no longer champion as of 29/01/09.
Max Glover 1927/03/22<  
Claims the title in Battle Creek, MI.
Farmer Nick 1927/07/08<  
Claims the title in Battle Creek, MI.
Ben Stefanski [2]1929
"Champion for three years" (Destroit Free Press, 31/10/11); still champion as of 32/01/26.
Farmer Nick [2]1932/09/13Niles, MI
Defeats Jimmie Mellon (or defends against him on this day).
Leo Donoghue1933/11/27<
Still/again champion as of 36/07/26; also holds Michigan Welterweight Title as of 36/12/14; no longer champion as of 38/03/28.