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NWA Pro East Television Tag Team Title ( 2007/05/12 - 2008/06 )
NWA Liberty States Television Tag Team Title ( 2008/06 - 2009/03/09 )
NWA On Fire Tag Team Title ( 2009/03/09 - 2013/04 )
Wrestling On Fire Tag Team Title ( 2013/04 - 2016 )

Playaz Club: Erik Andretti & Dave Greco 2007/05/12 Levittown, PA
Defeat the Sneaky Silver Bullets in a 6-team tournament final to become the first NWA Pro East Television Tag Team champions; renamed NWA Liberty States Title in 08/06..
Samoan Warriors: Makua & Fala 2008/09/12 Newark, NJ
Latin Hit Squad: Nuisance & Puerto Rican Chile 2009/02/07 Mexico, ME
Defeat Samoan Warriors, Logan Brothers, and New Playas Club in a 4-way match; renamed NWA On Fire Tag Team Title on 09/03/09.
Samoan Warriors [2] 2009/12/30 Springvale, ME
Crown Jewels: Darling Damon & Bad Boy Jason 2010/05/14 Lisbon Falls, ME
Matt Taven & Julian Starr 2010/08/10 Springvale, ME
Vacant on the same day to be determined in a tournament.
Executioners: Chico & Nico 2010/10/18 Mexico, ME
Defeat Dream Team in tournament final.
Dream Team: Justin Corino & Chris Steeler 2010/12/12 Mexico, ME
Capital Punishment: Foxx Vinyer & Rob Coleman 2011/06/11 Mexico, ME
Defeat Corino in a handicap match when Steeler no-shows.
Shooting Stars: Glenn Ulrich & Steve Off 2011/08/20 Elmwood Park, NJ
Reigning BWO World champions, win a double title match; stripped in 12 after the team splits.
M1nute Men: Delicious Devin & Terrific Tommy 2012/06/08 Central Islip, NY
Defeat Da Hoodz.
Da Hoodz: Davey Cash & Kris Pyro 2012/12/08 Parsippany, NJ
Island Warriors: Makua & Fala [3] 2012/12/08 Parsippany, NJ
Da Hoodz [2] 2013/03/15 Parsippany, NJ
Da House Party: Cooley-K & K-MC 2013/03/15 Parsippany, NJ
Stripped on 13/09/20 when Da House Party cannot wrestle for the scheduled defense; promotion inactive from 16.