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Last updated on 2013/09/21

Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title

Lords of Darkness: Pain & Agony91/08/02Pasadena, MD
Defeat Cream Team: Dino Casanova & Rip Sawyer.
Cream Team: Dino Casanova & Rip Sawyer91/12/01Dunbolt, MD
Defeat Agony and Bubba Monroe who substituted for Pain after being injured; vacant on 92/10/11 after Cream Team leave the promotion.
Leather & Lace: Rich Carlisle & Adrian Hall92/10/23Essex, MD
Defeat Sonic Express: Ricky Blues & Nick Tarantino.
Sonic Express: Ricky Blues & Nick Tarantino92/11/14Gaithersburg, MD
Defeat Carlisle & Riki Lane, subbing for the injured Hall.
The Outrageous Ones: Riki Lane & Quinn Nash93/03/06Dundalk, MD
The Goodfellows: Gary Young & Steve Dane93/08/14Baltimore, MD
Hollywood Hunks: Lucifer (Tim Burke) & Bob Starr94/11/01Gaithersburg, MD
Road Warrior Hawk & Ultimate Comet94/11/11Catonsville, MD
Mason Dixon: J.R. Willet & Bulldozer Benton
Sweet & Sour: Rob Knoxious & Johnny Graham95/03/28
Models Inc.: Michael Sweet & Johnny Handsome95/04/23
Joe Thunder & Mad Dog O'Mally95/07/08
Quinn Nash & Adam Flash95/07/09
Bad Crew: #1 & #295/10/05
Lucifer & Cat Burglar [3]95/12/03Gaithersburg, MD
Darkside: Glen Osbourne & Rockin' Rebel96/02/25 
Defeat Lucifer in a handicap match.
The Headbangers: Mosh & Thrasher96/06/30Gaithersburg, MD
Darkside [2]96/07/27
Axl Rotten & Cpl. Punishment96/08/16
Menace 2 Society: Adam Flash & Romeo Valentino & Quinn Nash96/09/13New York, NY
The Headbangers [2]96/09/14Philadelphia, PA
Darkside [3]96/11/10New York, NY
The Headbangers [3]96/11/16Allentown, PA
Vacant on 97/02/02.
Mark Schrader & Devon Storm97/03/02Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Thomas Rodman & Rebel in a tournament final.
Steve Corino & Jimmy Cicero97/06/29Allentown, PA
Mark Schrader & Cpl. Punishment97/07/17Allentown, PA
Steve Corino & Jimmy Cicero [2]97/08/10Baltimore, MD
The Misfits: Harley Lewis & Derek Domino97/09/17
Steve Corino & Jimmy Cicero [3]97/10/18Baltimore, MD
Joey Matthews & Christian York [2]97/10/23Baltimore, MD
Defeat Steve Corino & Jimmy Cicero and Cpl. Punishment & Mark Schrader in a 3-way match.
Jimmy Cicero & Julio Sanchez97/11/13
Vacant on 97/12/22.
Bad Crew [2]98/02/01Baltimore, MD
Defeat Marvelous Inc.: Jimmy Jannetty & Rich Myers in a tournament final.
Marvelous Inc.: Jimmy Jannetty & Rich Myers98/04/17
Bob Starr & Joe Thunder98/09/18Baltimore, MD
Bad Crew [3]98/10/10Baltimore, MD
Max Thrasher & Dino Casanova99/10/01
Ricky Blues & The New Patriot99/11/13Hampstead, MD
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly00/01/07Dundalk, MD
Defeat Black and Blue for the titles.
Joe Thunder & Mad Dog O'Mailey00/01/07Dundalk, MD
Awarded the titles after The Good, The Bad And The Ugly split.
Rayne & Jim Christian00/01/07Dundalk, MD
Defeat Max Thrasher & Dino Casanova in a tournament final.
Flexx Wheeler & O-Dogg00
The Tokyo Terrors: Keushiro & Watsumi00/04/29Middle River, MD
Bob Starr & Lucifer00/09/22Dundalk, MD
Rayne & Buzz Stryker01/10/16Peoria, IL
The Tokyo Terrors [2]01/11/25Dundalk, MD
Eagle & Stevie Riggs02/02/09Baltimore, MD
Derek Wayne & Derek Frazier02/04/07Dundalk, MD
The KPA: Joe Thunder & Steve Camry02/06/09Baltimore, MD
Lucifer & Max Thrasher02/06/09Baltimore, MD
Chad Bowman & Dino Casanova02/11/24
Defeat Max Thrasher and Bob Starr, subbing for Lucifer.
The Holy Rollers: Earl the Pearl & Rich Meyers03/01/12N. Point, MD
Derek Wayne & Buzz Stryker03/03/12Glen Burnie, MD
G-Dawg & The Buck Child03/06/08Northpoint, MD
Buzz Strker & Derek Wayne03/07/13Dundalk, MD
Dope & Sideswype03/07/16Glen Burnie, MD
Defeat Chad Bowman & Dino Devine and Buzz Stryker & Derek Wayne in a 3-way match and unify MCW Title.
Suicide & Bruiser [2]04/01/11Dundalk, MD
The Slackers: Chad Bowman & Dino Devine04/01/11Dundalk, MD
Alex Lunar & Eagle04/03/28Dundalk, MD
Promotion closes in 04/10.

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