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Last updated on 2013/09/21

Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

Bob Starr93/03/06Gaithersburg, MD
Defeats C.C. Danger to become the first champion.
Mike Khoury93/11/14Gaithersburg, MD
Vacant in 94.
Joe Thunder94/11/01Gaithersburg, MD
Ultimate Comet94/11/12Hampstead, MD
Cpl. Punishment 95/04<  
Raven 95/04/23  
Chad Austin95/10/01Gaithersburg, MD
Cpl. Punishment [2]95/11/12
Vacant in 95.
Devon Storm95/12/01
Defeats Chad Austin; vacant on 96/02/15.
Cpl. Punishment [3]96/02/25
Defeats Johnny Gunn.
Joe Thunder [2]96/06/02
Knuckles Zanwich96/06/22
Boo Bradley96/10/13
Jimmy Cicero96/12/01
Quinn Nash97/06/01
Vacant on 97/09/16.
Joey Maggs97/09/17
Defeats Bob Starr; vacant in 97.
Adam Flash98/11/14Hampstead, MD
Defeats Ricky Blues.
Max Thrasher
Steve CorinoBaltimore, MD
The Cat BurglarBaltimore, MD
Chad Austin [2]Baltimore, MD
Smokey MyaviaBaltimore, MD
Buzz StrykerBaltimore, MD
The Cat Burglar [2]Dundalk, MD
Ruckus99/11/13Hampstead, MD
Otto SchtarkDundalk, MD
Buzz Stryker [2]00/04/29Middle River, MD
Max Thrasher [2]00/09/22Dundalk, MD
Wins 4-way match against Stryker, Morgus the Maniac, and Dino Casanova.
Dino Casanova01/01/27
Morgus the Maniac01/03/17
Jim Christian01/04/12Baltimore, MD
Vacant in 01 when Christian leaves the promotion.
Morgus the Maniac [2] 01/05/24  
Defeats Stevie Riggs.
Drew Pain01/11/25Dundalk, MD
Bob Starr [2]02/06/09Baltimore, MD
Barry Horowitz02/09/22Baltimore, MD
Wins 3-way match against Bob Starr and Hack Myers.
Bob Starr [3]02/10/27
Morgus The Maniac [3]03/06/08N. Point, MD
Bob Starr [4]03/06/08N. Point, MD
Doug Delicious03/07/16Glen Burnie, MD
Reigning MCW Rage Television Champion, defeatgs Starr in a unification match; stripped on 03/09/07 for failure to appear for a scheduled defense.
Bob Starr [5]03/09/07N. Point, MD
Defeats Chad Bowman.
Romeo Valentine04/01/11Dundalk, MD
Wins 3-way match against Bob Starr and Buzz Stryker.
Sean Patrick04/02/08N. Point, MD
Qenaan Creed04/03/28Dundalk, MD

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