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World Women's Wrestling Title

(as of 2016/09/10)

Nikki Roxx2006/08/13Sommerville, MA
Has defeated NECW Women's champion Violet Flame and Mercedes Martinez in a 3-way elimination match to win the NECW title on 06/03/05 in Somerville, MA; defeats PWF Mayhem champion Ariel on 06/08/13 to become the unified WWW champion.
Tanya Lee2006/11/19Somerville, MA
Lexxus2007/08/12Somerville, MA
Defeats Lee, Jana, and Natalia in 4-way match.
Ariel2008/03/09Somerville, MA
Alexxis Nevaeh (Lexxus) [2] 2009/08/08 Quincy, MA
Mistress Belmont 2010/03/20 Quincy, MA
Alexxis Nevaeh [3] 2010/08/09 Quincy, MA
NECW closes on 10/11/06; again recognized as champion when NECW returns in 11/05.
Mistress Belmont [2] 2013/11/09 Beverly, MA
Davienne 2014/09/06 Jamaica Plain, MA
Mistress Belmont [3] 2014/10/04 Everett, MA
Nikki Valentine 2016/03/05 Wakefield, MA
Stripped on 16/07/09.
Alexxis Nevaeh [4] 2016/08/13 Wakefield, MA
Defeats Vanity VixSin, Sonya Strong, and Mistress Belmont in tournament 4-way final.
Vanity VixSin 2016/09/10 Wakefield, MA