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Millennium Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title
(as of 2013/03/09)

Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas2005/08/05Blackstone, MA
Defeat the Islanders to become the first champions after the two teams become the finalists of a tag team battle royal.
Canadian Superstars: J-Busta & Dave Cole 2006/05/20Braintree, MA
Beau Douglas & Road Dogg2007/08/04Somerville, MA
Canadian Superstars [2]2007/10/27Salem, MA
Beau Douglas & Jackson Blue2008/06/21Somerville, MA
Defeat J-Busta & Jason Rumble when Canadian Superstars no-show; held-up when Blue is hospitalized due to injury.
Beau Douglas & Road Dogg 2008/11/15 Melrose, MA
Defeat J-Busta & Jimmy Jact Ca$h.
Antonio Thomas & J-Busta 2010/04/24 Melrose, MA
Defeat Douglas & John Cena Sr, subbing for Road Dogg.
Rick Fuller & Brian Milonas 2011/03/19Melrose, MA