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Millennium Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Title

Tiger Mulligan2003/05/31Lynn, MA
Pins John Brooks in the 17-man Soul Survivor competition to become the first champion; vacant when Mulligan is injured by Brooks in the same match and unable to defend the title.
Dylan Kage2003/10/12Melrose, MA
Defeats Wagner Brown.
Todd Hanson2007/08/04Somerville, MA
Vacant in 09 due to injury.
Slyck Wagner Brown 2009/06/28 Melrose, MA
Defeats Rick Fuller, Scott Reed, Max Bauer, Eddie Edwards, and Brian Fury.
Shelton Benjamin 2011/03/19Melrose, MA
Slyck Wagner Brown [2] 2011/06/04 Bridgeport, CT
Low Ki 2011/09/17 Melrose, MA
Stripped on 13/02/18 for lack of title defenses with his New Japan schedule.

* Replaced with MWF Undisputed Title.