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Last updated on 2014/08/15

Big Time Wrestling
United States Heavyweight Title

Hans Schmidt1959<Montreal, QC, CAN
Frank Scarpa1960<Boston, MA
Hans Schmidt [2]1961<Boston, MA
Black Magic (Don Kindred)1961/05<Boston, MA
Hans Schmidt [3]1961Boston, MA
Frank Scarpa [2]1962Boston, MA
Bull Curry1962Boston, MA
Frank Scarpa [3]1963<Boston, MA
Hans Schmidt [4]1963/03<Boston, MA
Frank Scarpa [4]1963/03Boston, MA
Bull Curry [2]1963/05Boston, MA
Frank Scarpa [5]1964/09Boston, MA
Gypsy Joe1966Boston, MA
Jesse James1966Boston, MA
Gypsy Joe [2]1966Boston, MA
Jesse James [2]1967Boston, MA
Frank Scarpa [6] 1967  
Vacant on 67/04/27 when Scarpa wins the World Title.
Gypsy Joe [3]1968Boston, MA

Gino Martino 2006/12/01 Chicopee, MA
Defeats Mister T.A. when the title is revived with the permission from the Santos family.
Benny Jaxx 2008/05/17<