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Big Time Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/04/14)

Jay Lethal2006/12/01Chicopee, MA
Defeats Spike Dudley when the title is revived with the permission from the Santos' family.
John Walters2007/05/12Springfield, MA
Too Cold Scorpio 2008/03/29 Danbury, CT
John Walters [2] 2008/06/28 Danbury, CT
Justin Credible 2009/03/29 Webster, MA
Held-up/vacant after a match against John Walters on 09/08/02.
Spike Dudley 2010/01/02 Webster, MA
Defeats John Walters in tournament final.
Shane Douglas 2010/08/14 Webster, MA
Jack Maverick 2011/09/22 Presque Isle, ME
Shane Douglas [2] 2011/09/25 Holyoke, MA
Flex Armstrong 2012/06/01 San Bernardino, CA *
R.J. Brewer 2014/03/21 Plymouth, MA
Flex Armstrong [2] 2014/03/22 Webster, MA
Carlito (Carly Colon) 2017/02/10 Raleigh, NC
Flex Armstrong [3] 2017/02/11 Spartanburg, SC