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Last updated on 2017/11/27

World Junior Heavyweight Title

John Pesek 1927/04/01 Monroe, LA
Defeats Ad Santel.

Rudy Dusek 1928/10/05<  
Billed as world champion in New Orleans, LA and American champion in Shreveport, LA; still billed as world champion in New Orleans, LA as of 29/11/14; often reported as "junior light heavyweight" on New Orleans papers, but the reports also says the division is "any weight under 200 pounds and above 175 pounds" (Times-Picayune, 28/12/10) which is for junior heavyweight.

Mike London 1937/07/15<  
Billed as champion in Baton Rouge, LA; still champion as of 37/12/21.
Mike Chacoma 1942/09/03<  
Holds World Light Heayvweight Title in Tennessee and Alabama, billed as World Junior Heavyweight Champion in Louisiana; still champion as of 42/12/08.
Gus Kallio 1943/05/14<  
Billed as champion in Baton Rouge, LA; may be vacant after being injured in an auto accident on 43/06/06.
Mike Chacoma [2] 1946/10/26<  
Billed as champion in New Orleans, LA.
Tex Riley 1946/11/11 Birmingham, AL
Chick Garibaldi 1948/06 *  
Riley is advertised on 48/06/21 to defend the title against Chacoma in New Orleans, LA on 48/06/24 but by 48/06/23, Garibaldi, billed as having defeated Riley, is advertised to face Chacoma; "in New Orleans three months ago" (The Tennessean, Nashville, TN, 48/09/28).
The Atomic Blond 1948/09/13 Birmingham, AL
Chico Ortez 1949/01/13 New Orleans, LA
Don Keene is also said to defeat Blond around this time and is billed as champion as of 49/01/22 (Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA).
Don Keene 1949/01/27 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Ortez to end the dispute.
Henry Harrell 1949/09/15 New Orleans, LA
Jack McDonald 1949/09/29 New Orleans, LA
Also recognized in Alexandria, LA.
Jack Curtis [2] 1950/02/14 New Orleans, LA
Repeated on 50/02/15 in Alexandria, LA.
Pat Malone 1950/04/20 New Orleans, LA
Wins as the masked Green Shadow and unmasks himself after winning the match.
Jack Curtis [3] 1950/05/04 New Orleans, LA
Tarzan White [2] 1950/07  
"Last week" (Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA, 50/08/03).
Jack Steele 1950/08/10 New Orleans, LA
Tarzan White [3] 1950/09/12 New Orleans, LA
In Alexandria, LA, it is reported that White has defeated Steele for the title on 50/09/18 in Birmingham, AL; still champion as of 50/09/28.

Leroy McGuirk 1943/07/10<
NWA champion, recognized in northern and central Louisiana; still holds World Junior Heayvweight and Light Heayvweight Titles as of 43/09; Ellis Bashara defeats McGuirk on 43/09/22 in Alexandria, LA but the title change is later voided since McGuirk is over the weight limit during the match; McGuirk defeats Bashara on 43/10/18 in Alexandria, LA; still champion in northern Louisiana as of 44/12/06 and 49/10/02.

Herb Welch 1949/03/21<  
Holds Tennessee version, recognized in Alexandria, LA as "National Boxing and Wrestling Association" champion (The Town Talk, Alexandria, LA, 49/04/13).

Chris Belkas 1959/07/21<  
Listed as former champion on 59/06/29 in Shreveport, LA; billed as champion in Monroe, LA as of 59/07/21 for having won the title from Jackie Nichols "last fall"; still champion in Alexandria, LA as of 60/02/29.

* See NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.