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Last updated on 2017/11/04

Southern Heavyweight Title
[Louisiana & Mississippi]

Al Christensen * 1905/05/16 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Herman Bernau in mixed style match; reported as a championship match on The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, TX) but no title is mentioned on the local papers in New Orleans, LA.
Otto Schoenfeld 1905/10/10<  
Retains the title by defeating Al Christensen on 05/10/14 in New Orleans, LA.

Emile Kopp 1908/01<  
Claims the title in New Orleans, LA; defeats another claimant Adam Smith on 08/01/30 in New Orleans, LA.

Jim Browning 1926/10/15<  
Still champion as of 26/12/03.
Rudy Dusek 1927/12/20<  
Recognized in Louisiana and Texas; also holds American Junior Heavyweight Title; still champion as of 29/12/12.
Paul Jones 1932/07/20 Alexandria, LA
Defeats Marshall Blackstock.
Bill Middlekauff 1934/11/26<  
Claims the title in Alexandria, LA.
Karl Sarpolis 1935/08< San Antonio, TX *
Wins "a recent tournament in San Antonio to crown the Southern Mat King" (The Times, Shreveport, LA, 35/09/07).
George Mansor # 1935/09/02 Shreveport, LA
Defeats Sarpolis in non-title match but claims the title; in Baton Rouge, LA, Mansor is billed has champion "following his victory over the logical claimant to the clown in Houston" (Advocate, 35/09/17).
Ernest Kelly # 1935/09/16 Shreveport, LA
Defeats Mansor and claims the title; listed as a contendor as of 35/09/22.
Marvin Westenberg 1935/09/22<  
Billed as having won a tournament "more than a year ago" in Houston, TX (The Times, Shreveport, LA, 35/09/22, which also lists Paul Jones as a claimant).
Dan O'Connor 1936/10/21 Alexandria, LA
Marvin Westenberg [2] 1936/11/04 Alexandria, LA
Still champion as of 37/02/12; no longer champion as of 37/09/15, for not wrestling in the south.
In 37/07, the title is claimed by Chief Little Beaver in Alexandria, LA and Bill Lee in Shreveport, LA respectively; Lee defeats Beaver in non-title match on 37/07/19 in Shreveport, LA but both continue to claim the title; Beaver defeats Carl Davis for Texas version on 37/09/07 in Dallas, TX; Beaver and another claimant Jim Henry wrestle to a draw on 37/09/21 in Shreveport, LA.
Jack Ross 1937/10/31<  
Recognized in New Orleans, LA; probably Georgia version.
Sol Slagel 1938/06/05<  
Claims the title in Shreveport, LA.
The Red Angel 1944/05/30<  
Claims the title in New Orleans, LA.
Al Massey 1944/10/03 New Orleans, LA
Jack Dillon 1944/12<  
Sometime after 44/11/01.
Al Massey [2] 1944/12/10< Memphis, TN *
Still champion as of 45/01/07.
Olaf Olson 1945/01/15<  
Billed as champion in Alexandria, LA.
Danny Dusek 1953/01/08<  
Billed as champion in Alexandria, LA.
Don McIntyre 1953/07/08<  
Defends Georgia version in Louisiana.
Fred Blassie 1954/02/08 Birmingham, AL
Still recognized in Louisiana as of 54/11/10.
The Sheik of Araby 1957/02/23<  
Billed as champion in Alexandria, LA.
Red McIntyre 1957/03/31<  
Jimmy Brawner 1958/01/09<  
Billed as champion in Baton Rouge, LA.
Don McIntyre [2] 1958/10/01<  
Billed as champion in New Orleans, LA.
Fred Blassie [2] 1959/02/25<  
Defends Georgia version in Louisiana.
Adrian Baillargeon 1960/06  
Louisiana champion, starts being billed as Southern champion in New Orleans, LA from 60/06 and in other cities from 60/07; Tarzan White is billed as champion in Mississippi as of 61/05/27; Great Scott defeats White on 61/06/15 in Hattiesburg, MS and continues to hold the title at least until 61/07/07; Baillargeon is still recognized in Louisiana as of 61/11/07.
George Bell 1963/07/17<  
Defeats Baillargeon "several months back" (The Town Talk , Alexandria, LA, 63/07/23); still champion as of 63/11/19.
Adrian Baillargeon [2] 1963/12/05 New Orleans, LA
Still/again champion as of 66/03/01.
Pancho Villa 1966/11/03<  
Recognized in Mississippi; still champion as of 67/01/05.
Ed Younger 1967/07/22<  
Most likely billed as champion on arrival.
Earl Guess 1967/07/28 Gulfport, MS
Mysterious Medic 1967/08/25 Gulfport, MS
Ken Lucas 1969/04  
Billed as champion on arrival.
Mighty Yankee 1969/05/20 Baton Rouge, LA
Also wins Lousiana Title, defeating Jerry Miller on 69/06/10 in Baton Rouge, LA but loses it Frank Dalton on 69/06/18 in Baton Rouge, LA.
Siki Samara 1969/07  
"Recently" (State Times Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA, 69/07/12); match against Mighty Yankee on 69/07/04 in Alexandria, LA is non-title bout.
Mr. Wrestler 1969/08  
Flash Monroe 1969/08/23<  
Sometime between 69/08/12 and 69/08/22; still champion as of 69/09/06.
Siki Samara [2] 1970/11/15<  
Billed as champion in Louisiana; still champion as of 70/12/31.