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Last updated on 2016/09/08

Louisiana Light Heavyweight Title

Rex Mobley1947/02/11Monroe, LA
Defeats Walter Stratton in 4-man tournament final to become the first champion.
Sailor Allen Parker1947/03/06Monroe, LA
Henry Harrell1947/04/03Monroe, LA
George Craig1947/04/15Monroe, LA
Bill Canny 1947/05/06 Monroe, LA
Chris Belkas 1947/05/27 Monroe, LA
George Craig [2] 1947/06/10 Monroe, LA
Held up after a match against Jack Steele on 47/07/08 in Monroe, LA.
Jack Steele1947/07/15Monroe, LA
Defeats Craig in rematch; vacant in 47/08.
George Craig [3]1947/08/12Monroe, LA
Defeats Rex Mobley in tournament final.
Rex Mobley [2]1948/02/10Monroe, LA
Johnny Carlin 1948/06/29Monroe, LA
Wins by DQ and claims the title.
Angelo Austiro 1948/07/27Monroe, LA
Rex Mobley [3] 1948/11/07<  
Still champion as of 48/11/16.
Rex Mobley [4] 1952/05<  
"Recently" (Monroe Morning World, 52/06/01); wins World Title on 52/10/14.