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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2017/11/15

Louisiana Heavyweight Title
National Wrestling Alliance [Gulf Coast office] ( 1964/10 - 1968/02 )
National Wrestling Alliance [Tri-State office] ( 1968 - 1979/08 )
Mid-South Wrestling Association ( 1979/08 - 1983 )

Al Lovelock 1946/01/31 Monroe, LA
Defeats Jack Kennedy to become the first champion; vacant in 46/06 when Lovelock cannot defend.
Paul Murdock 1946/07/02 Monroe, LA
Defeats Jerry Vallina; still champion as of 46/08/28.

Bob Corby 1955/06/18 Lake Charles, LA
Wins a 12-man tournament.
Chief Apache 1955/08/21 Baton Rouge, LA
Jack Curtis 1955/11 Baton Rouge, LA
Sometime before 55/11/04.
Prince Emir 1957/04/22 Monroe, LA
Frank Hurley 1957/05  
Jack Curtis [2] 1957/08/12 Monroe, LA
Phil Brummett 1957/11/11 Monroe, LA
Charlie Laye 1957/11/18 Monroe, LA
Temporarily held up by the District Athletic Commissioner after a match against Farmer Jones on 57/12/09 in Monroe, LA for using "very unfair tactics" but reinstated as the champion later in the month.
Bill Barney 1957/12/23 Monroe, LA
Bernard Hodgemyer 1958/03/03 Monroe, LA
Vacant after Hodgemyer no-shows the scheduled defense on 58/03/31 and leaves the area.
Jerry Christy 1958/06/16 Monroe, LA
Defeats Charley Laye in tournament final; vacant in 58/09 when Christy leaves the area.
Bill Barney [2] 1958/09/22 Monroe, LA
Defeats Al Massey.
Firpo Zybysko 1959/06/01 Monroe, LA
Also defeats Chuck Benson on 59/06/18 in New Orleans, LA, possibly for the vacant local recognition.
Chris Belkas 1959/07/15 New Orleans, LA
Vacant in 59/10.
Mickey Sharpe 1959/11/05 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Firpo Zybysko in tournament final.
Firpo Zybysko [2] 1960/01/04<
Adrien Baillargeon 1960/02 Lafayette, LA
Sometime before 60/02/14; inactive after 60/09 when Baillargeon is billed as Southern champion.

Bobby Fields1964/10/16Lafayette, LA
Defeats Terry Garvin in tournament final.
Sputnik Monroe1965/07/13Baton Rouge, LA
Bobby Fields [2]1965/09/21Baton Rouge, LA
Danny McShain1965/10/22Lafayette, LA
Bobby Fields [3]1965/12/03Lafayette, LA
Jack Dalton1966/02/17Lafayette, LA
Bobby Fields [4]1966/05/17Baton Rouge, LA
Don Carson1966/07/12Baton Rouge, LA
Bobby Fields [5]1966/07/19Baton Rouge, LA
Don Carson [2]1966/08/02Baton Rouge, LA
Ken Lucas 1966/09/28Alexandria, LA
Jack Dalton [2]1966/11/01Baton Rouge, LA
Danny Little Bear1967/02/03Lafayette, LA
Ken Lucas [2]1967/03/31Lafayette, LA
Stripped for no defense.
Pepe Perez 1967/07/25  
Jack Dalton [3]1967/10/10Baton Rouge, LA
Bobby Fields [6]1967/11/28Baton Rouge, LA
Don Carson [3]1967/12/12Baton Rouge, LA
Eddie Sullivan1968/01/23Baton Rouge, LA
Frank Dalton1968/01/30Baton Rouge, LA
Bobby Fields [7]1968/02/06Baton Rouge, LA
Gulf Coast stops promoting in Louisiana in 68/02.

Big Bad John 1968/11/16<  
Pepe Perez [2] 1968/12/03 Baton Rouge, LA
Jerry Miller 1969/02/01 Baton Rouge, LA
Mighty Yankee 1969/06/10 Baton Rouge, LA
Also holds Southern Title.
Frank Dalton [2] 1969/06/18 Baton Rouge, LA
Wins Louisiana Title only.
Jerry Miller [2] 1969/07 Baton Rouge, LA
Frank Dalton [3] 1969/07/22 Baton Rouge, LA
In Monroe, LA, Tom Jones defeats Jack Donovan via DQ on 69/11/11 (champion unknown).
Duke Myers 1970/04/21 Baton Rouge, LA
Jerry Miller [3] 1970/05/19 Baton Rouge, LA
Frank Dalton [4] 1970/07/11 Baton Rouge, LA
Chuck Karbo 1970/08/18 Baton Rouge, LA
Frank Dalton [5] 1970/09/15 Baton Rouge, LA
Chuck Karbo [2] 1970/11/25 Baton Rouge, LA
Randy Curtis 1971/04 Lafayette, LA
"Two weeks ago" (Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA, 71/05/02); still champion as of 71/05/05.
Don Duffy * 1972<

Assassin #1 1978/04/26Baton Rouge, LA
Wins tournament.
Jose Lothario1978/09/20Monroe, LA
Assassin #1 [2]1978/10/14Shreveport, LA
Jerry Stubbs1978/12/25New Orleans, LA
Mike George1979/04/21New Orleans, LA
Mike Sharpe1979/09/05Baton Rouge, LA
Ernie Ladd1980/01/18Shreveport, LA
Junkyard Dog1980/03/14Shreveport, LA
Terry Gordy 1980/04/22 Baton Rouge, LA
Or 80/05/02.
Junkyard Dog [2] 1980/05/20 Baton Rouge, LA
Vacant in 80/06 when JYD is injured by Freebirds.
Ken Mantell1980/07/25Shreveport, LA
Defeats Wahoo McDaniel in 16-man tournament final.
Jake Roberts 1980/10/08 Shreveport, LA
Ernie Ladd [2]1981/01/16Shreveport, LA
Jim Garvin 1981/03/04Shreveport, LA
Super Destroyer1981/05/01Shreveport, LA
Bob Roop1981/07/22Shreveport, LA
The Great Kabuki 1981/10/23<Shreveport, LA
Sometime after 81/09/24.
Junkyard Dog [3]1981/12/07New Orleans, LA
Vacant on 82/06/21 when JYD wins North American Title.
Killer Khan1982/07/06Baton Rouge, LA
Defeats Junkyard Dog in 13-man tournament final.
Mike Sharpe [2]1982/08/18Shreveport, LA
Jim Duggan1982/10/13Shreveport, LA
Title retired in 83.

Guido Buttafuco 2000/06/16 Denham Springs, LA
Defeats Doink the Clown; vacant in 00/07 when NWA Deep South promotion closes after one card.

* See also ECW Louisiana Heavyweight Title.